Bad news: There’s one less Koenigsegg Jesko in the world. One example burned to the ground over the weekend in Greece during a road rally last week, turning the multi-million-dollar hypercar into an unrecognizable husk on the highway. Fortunately, nobody was injured. But Koenigsegg has now asked Jesko owners to park their cars until the cause is determined.

The fiery incident occurred on the morning of June 15. According to, the Jesko went up in flames just a few minutes after leaving a hotel near the city of Marousi. There were two people in the car when the fire started, and it was allegedly being driven at slow speeds at the time. When the flames were finally extinguished, the only identifiable parts were the wheels.

Koenigsegg Jesko Fire

At this point, there isn’t a hint of how the fire started. Egg Registry reports Koenigsegg sent a message to Jesko owners asking them to park their cars until this is all sussed out. Curiously, the email also contradicts the report, saying witnesses had observed the Jesko being driven aggressively before the fire. It was also rather hot outside according to reports, with temperatures near 100 degrees Fahrenheit despite the early time of day. Whether the heat was a factor is unknown, but we suspect Koenigsegg engineers will have their hands full trying to figure this out.

The Jesko was one of over 70 supercars participating in the Six2Six Europe Tour, which began in Athens and is slated to end in Monaco. The car had reportedly been delivered to its owner just a few weeks prior to the event and had just over 100 miles on the odometer. It’s one of 125 Jeskos that Koenigsegg will ultimately build before production of the 1,600-horsepower hypercar ends.

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Last Update: June 17, 2024