Pimp My Ride introduced kids and teens to cars who didn’t religiously watch TNN’s PowerBlock programming. The show was a brief blip in the mid-2000s reality TV craze, running for six seasons over three years on MTV before ending in 2007. It took contestants’s cars and added wild modifications that often had no right being in an automobile, and it’s back, sort of, on Netflix with a new name.

Resurrected Rides will hit the streaming service on July 24 with eight episodes. Comedian and actor Chris Redd of Saturday Night Live fame will host with a team of “next-level mechanics” turning everyday rides into cool cars. The show will channel “the spirit and the knowledge” of the original, according to executive producer Rick Hurvitz, who also produced Pimp My Ride 20 years ago.


Ari Shoeft, another executive producer who previously worked with Hurvitz on the original run, said the new iteration is “an aspirational and wish-fulfillment show.” Will we see chocolate fountains, pool tables, juicers, terrariums, hot tubs, and CT machines in a new crop of vehicles? Xzibit hosted the original show, with restoration and modification work done by West Coast Customs, which was later replaced by Galpin Auto Sports in season 5.

We’ll have to wait for a trailer to see if the new show is as wild as the original. Pimp My Ride took some rough-looking cars and added sound systems, TVs, and other unnecessary hardware just to show off what was possible, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Hopefully, this show will be a bit more grounded, but Netflix lists it as “Humorous,” so we’ll see. 

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Last Update: June 22, 2024

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