After sharing all the juicy technical specifications a couple of weeks ago, Volkswagen finally takes the wraps off the new-ish Golf R. The hot hatchback spawns another wagon in Europe where the performance all-rounder inherits all the goodies from its less practical sibling. That means there’s extra power underneath the hood where the turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine calls home.

The 2.0-liter unit has been massaged to deliver 329 horsepower, representing a bump of 14 hp. Torque remains unchanged, at a healthy 310 lb-ft. It takes just 4.8 seconds for the hot wagon to reach 62 mph from a standstill, making it a tenth of a second quicker than before. Go for the optional Performance Package and the top speed rises to 167 mph. As standard, VW limits the car to 155 mph.

<p>2025 VW Golf R Variant</p>

It makes the new Golf R Variant the fastest current VW, alongside the Arteon R Shooting Brake. Yes, the not-for-America Arteon wagon is still being made and will remain in production until 2026.┬áThe Golf R hatchback has the same top speed but it’s quicker to 62 mph since it’s slightly lighter. It completes the sprint in 4.6 seconds, or 0.2s sooner than the equivalent Golf R estate.

Aside from the updated lights brought by the regular Golf Mk8.5, the revised R models have an illuminated VW badge. More importantly, new 19-inch forged wheels tip the scales at 17.6 pounds per wheel. Named after the village where Volkswagen R has its headquarters, the Warmenau wheel is about 20 percent lighter than the equivalent alloy wheel. It comes wrapped in 235/35 tires and offers better brake cooling since the spokes are better spaced out.

As with the hatchback, the long-roof model comes exclusively with all-wheel drive, a seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission, and torque vectoring. A dedicated drift mode is on board if you’re a fan of tail-happy wagons. It’s included with the Performance Package we mentioned, which also bundles matrix LED headlights, a G-meter, and a GPS lap timer. There’s also a Special driving mode tailored to the N├╝rburgring track.

<p>2025 VW Golf R Black Edition</p>

2025 VW Golf R Black Edition

<p>2025 VW Golf R Black Edition</p>

2025 VW Golf R Black Edition

Europeans are spoiled for choice because they also get a Golf R Black Edition. Based on the hatchback, the special version has dark accents, larger 19-inch wheels (instead of the standard 18-inch setup), and the Performance Package. The lighter alloys are available at an additional cost.

VW isn’t done expanding the Golf R portfolio. A hardcore Clubsport is in the works as a more track-focused derivative. It’ll be based on the hatchback and will most likely serve as an all-wheel-drive equivalent of the GTI Clubsport. The 296-hp, front-wheel-drive model was unveiled in late May, but much like the R wagon and the R Black Edition hatch, without a US visa.

<p>2025 VW Golf R</p>
<p>2025 VW Golf R</p>

Details about the 2025 Golf R for the United States have yet to be released but we know for sure the manual gearbox is gone. In Germany, the car is surprisingly cheaper than before, although exact details have not been announced. In the US, the 2024 model retailed from $47,690 with the DSG and after destination and handling fees.

VW spokesperson Mark Gillies, Director, Public Relations and Reputation, confirmed to Motor1 the Golf R wagon won’t be coming to the United States.

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Last Update: June 25, 2024

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