At long last, the retro-flavored Z is coming to America. It debuted in January 2022 at the Tokyo Auto Salon as the Fairlady Z Customized Proto. Then the production model came along in mid-2023 as the Fairlady Z Customized Edition for Japan. Only now the US gets the special version, dubbed Z Heritage Edition. It celebrates 55 years since the Datsun 240Z came out.

Mimicking the S30-generation sports car introduced in 1969, the limited-run coupe has an exclusive Sight Orange paint. Nissan combines the striking hue with a black decal on the hood that extends onto the roof and trunk lid. There are also stickers running along the sides, plus a Heritage Edition logo around the Z emblems on the rear fenders. At the front, the split grille design takes after the original Z.

Pictured below, the equivalent Japanese model looks cooler with a retro-flavored Fairlady Z badge on the upper grille and rear spoiler to reflect its official JDM name. The subtle fender extensions have been added to the American version, which also gets the same 19-inch wheels finished in black.

In the US, the Heritage Edition is based on the Z Performance trim level and offers a choice between a six-speed manual or a nine-speed automatic transmission. Nissan wants $60,275 after factoring in destination and handling fees. That means you’ll pay a $6,165 premium over a regular Z Performance. Add another $6,000 or so and you could get behind the wheel of a $66,890 Z Nismo but the range-topper is automatic-only.

<p>Nissan Fairlady Z Customized Edition for Japan</p>

Nissan Fairlady Z Customized Edition for Japan

Nissan doesn’t say how many cars it plans to make but we do know the Z Heritage Edition has limited production and is available strictly for the 2024 model year. Through the first quarter, Z sales in the US increased by 44 percent to 671 units. It comfortably beat the Toyota Supra (484 cars), which suffered a major 44.4-percent decline.

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Last Update: June 17, 2024