Volvo finally started production of the EX90 earlier this month after promising to deliver it to customers in early 2024. The automaker had to delay the EV’s launch to fix some remaining software issues, and while deliveries still won’t start until the second half of the year, the EX90 might not arrive in customers’ driveways fully baked.

A reader passed along an email he’d received from the automaker with a link to a list of features “that may be delayed when taking delivery of your EX90.” The list includes safety and convenience features, with the full capability and integration of the LiDAR system unlocked after a future update. Other features that might be missing include cross-traffic alert, curve speed assist, wireless Apple CarPlay, and bidirectional charging.

Owners will have to settle for the dark theme for the infotainment display and driver display for the foreseeable future, as the light theme will arrive in a future update.

They’ll also have to be okay with the possibility the EV could lose about 3 percent of its battery per day when parked and not being charged. Volvo says the EX90’s core computer has to run in the background right now to control its “highly advanced functions,” but that’ll be fixed by a future update. The energy use stops after 72 hours as the car enters “a deep sleep mode to conserve battery power.”

Motor1 reached out to Volvo to ask when customers could expect to receive these paid-for features and much-needed updates. We’ll be sure to update this article when we hear back.

In its email to customers, the company said that most of the missing features will arrive for free via over-the-air updates. However, some might have to bring their vehicle to a dealer, who Volvo will notify ahead of time.

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Last Update: June 27, 2024